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Coding with voice commands – Stack Overflow

I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place for this question. I have a chronic health condition that prevents me from getting serious into the programming world, and I would like to ask for a suggestion on the best software, or software bundle, that would allow me to code using my voice (in English, although …

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java – Why do I get error to make a fragment list in android studio?

I want to make a array list of fragment class Where I have created FragmentOne,FragmentTwo and FragmentThree fragment class so I have wrote Fragment entry1 = new FragmentOne(); Fragment entry2 = new FragmentTwo(); Fragment entry3 = new FragmentThree(); ArrayList<Fragment> FragmentArray = new ArrayList<Fragment>(); ArrayList.add(entry1); But I am getting an error in add portion showing <identifier> …

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Java %u20AC conversion to euro €

how can I convert a string like: URLDecoder.decode("promo desc %u20AC", "UTF-16"); into "promo desc €" ? In fact the method above doesn’t work because % indicates a hex string whilst u20AC is not a valid hex string. Thanks Source link

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