docker – Getting container_cpu_load_average_10s as ZERO

I am using the cadvisor to collect the container health data.Here, I am using the below command to run the cadvisor:

sudo docker run --volume=/:/rootfs:ro --volume=/var/run:/var/run:ro --volume=/sys:/sys:ro -- 
volume=/var/lib/docker/:/var/lib/docker:ro --volume=/dev/disk/:/dev/disk:ro --publish=8080:8080 --detach=true -- 
name=cadvisor google/cadvisor:latest

But, the issue is I am getting the CPU and memory related data but it is faillig to collect the “container_cpu_load_average_10s” I am getting this value as “zero”.

enter image description here

Can anybody suggest why this is happening here please.


Siddhartha V

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