python – Got a strange string after encryption, how to concert it to a normal alphanumeric characters?

I did RSA/ESB/OAEP encryption of a string and got the below data

b’xc5Gxe3xc5nxdd]xd2xc4″xa1Hxa76xf0xcc:Cx9au~dx0e]xbfKx90xd7x1axc8xbaxecx9fxadrx8dx9bx89/xedIx82<(xbfxd8xbcxe0x8axd98Mxfcx95zxfcxadxebxf5x83xa0x18x9cxbbxf8Dx8cxddxd5{xe3x950)x8axe5Gxc4zxc5xe2Rx9bxc5>x86Ux82xb06xdbxa8^ sxe2MKxbdx88xe7xd1`Kx98?xf1%xd7xcfxa6x98xe2xefxcaxcbxeca0xc7x8dtxd2x83x97x03~xx11>xc2xe9xaaqx9bTxd8:Ixa6 x11″xd0xb2jrx9axb6xa7xe9xdcLxdaRx95x85xf2gHx1bx13xfaAxAmxebxbbxd2x161xc2x19QUxc3xb5xf9xe1x94′

Could you let me what is the type of above data which has all x in it. If its hex, then it should only have two characters after x right? How do I convert it to a normal ASCII string?

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