Top Ms(Application of stock management)

About Project

Top Ms is a commercial management and billing software edited by the Moroccan company ITTONE Top Ms offers basic and convenient features. It allows you to create invoices, quotes, manage inventory and track transactions, and you can even set up outstanding reminders to send to your customers. The main features: The management of quotes, purchase orders and delivery, invoices, and monitoring regulations. The management of stock movements and monitoring of the various entry and exit operations. Sales management. Assessment and analysis tool to detect performance indicators. The software makes it possible to carry out the various operations of commercial management and invoicing. Ability to anticipate the state of the stock to avoid breaks. Possibility to configure reminders of outstanding payments. Multi-deposit management. Print templates. Export / Import data to spreadsheets.

  • Prices :
  • Standard :2 500 DH
  • Made for you :6 000 DH
  • Pack(Top Ms + Pos):8 500 DH
  • CategoryCommercial Application
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Pos(Point of sale)

About Project

Top Ms Pos, consists of an integrated, fast and reliable payment solution for the retail trade. It provides everything you need for transactions to be processed efficiently: function keys, exception handling, simplified correction of input lines. It also allows merchants to optimize their service to customers and increase performance for their new employees, as well as for the more experienced. an impression of your tickets, once the payment method has been chosen Top Ms Pos At the service of your efficiency

  • Price:
  • Pos:3 000 DH
  • CategoryCommercial Application